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I sculpt clay using a sculpting knife and metal rib to find the perfect collaboration between three elements in order to present the complexity of life such as: Planes (our paradigms) Lines (our direction of movements) and Color (our reaction to the world). It all defines us in so many ways and shapes us both physically and emotionally.  

    I manipulate clay to form a physical structure.  Through the process of adding volume, positive or subtracting clay, negative, creates the overall character and emotional life of the figure. Much in the same way that negative and positive interactions in life create the unique shape of who we are. It is within that unique and complex shape that we find beauty. 


   I grew up in the Soviet Union before it collapsed. The realization that I was merely a small piece of a greater system fueled in me a strong desire to be different. From an early age, I turned to art as a world where I could be myself and not belong to politics or be limited by anything.


   I graduated with a BFA art teacher from Kazakh Pedagogical University in the early nineties. I have traveled around the globe to more than 30 different countries, in total and lived on three continents.


   Although I am Russian by birth, I grew up in Kazakhstan. I later lived in Latin America and at the same time, I was a citizen of the United States. I now call Austin, TX home.


   The purpose of my art has changed over the years. I no longer want to surprise people or prove my eccentricity. I want to find something that unites. I devote myself to what I call "Connection Beyond Words," the universal language of human emotion through sculpture, photography, time and place.